We collect data efficiently, store it securely, and visualise it beautifully.

At Pix we believe that good data is an invaluable tool to enhance and enable meaningful healthcare services.



In a digital world, data security is of paramount importance to not only the end user but all business who handle sensitive information.  We  are able to responsibly gather data from devices, store it securely on DPA and HIPAA compliant servers and make it available where appropriate to improve user experience.



Processing is the action of converting raw binary data, and creating meaningful information through both pattern recognition and correlation. We have the ability to develop algorithms that recognise trends, pinpoint anomalies and more to increase functionality.



The true value of data is only harnessed when it is communicated effectively and appropriately. At Pix we are able to use both our award winning engineering capability and our expertise in user focussed design to visualise medical data in a meaningful way to users, health care providers and key stakeholders. When implemented correctly this is an extremely powerful tool to increase acceptance, compliance and more.



In addition to algorithms that understand and display data from a single user, it is sometimes necessary to compare this against information from a range of other sources in order to draw helpful conclusions. Our expertise allows us to develop tailored analysis tools which can be used for anything from personalised diagnostics to trend forecasting.

We’re harnessing the value of data.

We’d love to hear about your project and help make it a reality