Sebastien Cuvelier Mussalian

Sebastien Cuvelier Mussalian

Founder, Chief Engineer

Sebastien is an award winning product engineer and developer, with an extensive career leading pharmaceutical and healthcare projects.

Sebastien founded Pix Medical in 2014 with a vision to build world leading connected apps and devices that will transform healthcare. He is responsible for all engineering and development at Pix, alongside building and growing the company as CEO.

Sebastien founded Pix following 6 years as a Senior Engineering Consultant at Team Consulting. During this time he was lead engineer for the development of OrganOx metra – a device proven to keep a liver alive outside the body for up to 24 hours, and provide realtime data on liver function and viability. Further to this he lead development on Class III closed loop systems, safety critical mobile devices, Lab-on-Chip biosensors, medical apps and more.

He holds a diploma in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Paris (Jussieu), a BEng in Electronics and Computer Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration from Brighton University.

Sebastien was awarded two British Engineering Excellence awards, ‘Design Engineer of the Year’ and the ‘Grand Prix’ prize in 2013. He has authored numerous research papers and patents.

Outside of work, Sebastien runs as much as possible in the Suffolk countryside around his house. He can also be found hacking together electronic components in his garden shed!